Rosin is a product of pine trees and is a commonly used sizing agent. Any good sizing agent improves the quality and life of paper. We are dealing in all grades of Gum rosin of H.P. State Forest Corporation Ltd. since 1990.


Fortified rosin soap - 50% solids. Rosin is fortified with maleic anhydride under suitable conditions to form an adduct which acts as a very effective sizing agent.It is used along with Alum or PAC in wet end to get sizing. It works in the range of 4.5 to 5.5 pH.


Neutral Size Rosin can size paper in neutral conditions and facilitates the use of calcium carbonate as filler, thereby improving optical properties. Loss in brightness associated with acid sizing is efficiently controlled by Neutral Size Rosin.


Cationic rosin emulsion is an effective sizing agent for paper. An acid-fortified rosin (i.e. rosin fortified with Maleic Anhydride) is reacted with a water soluble salt of alkylene-acrylic acid copolymer to form a rosin soap. The rosin soap is emulsified with water under high shearing conditions to provide a modified cationic rosin emulsion. Cationic Rosin is used for sizing under neutral conditions (PH range of 4.5 to 6.5) thereby reducing the discharge of acidic sewage. It reduces the build-up of sulfate ions from Alum in the white-water system, reducing the quantity of white water required to be bled off from the system.


AKD is a standard starch-stabilised, wax dispersion, for the sizing of paper and board. It is cationic white emulsion. The cationic starch which stabilises AKD has excellent substantivity for papermaking fibres under neutral and alkaline conditions, ensuring that the size is well retained. During the drying of the paper, the AKD wax melts and spreads over the surface of the fibres, where it undergoes an esterification reaction. The reacted AKD is thus bonded to the fibres with the hydrophobic portions of the molecule orientated away from the fibre surface, giving the sizing effect.

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